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Fluke: Chance, Chaos and Why Everything We Do Matters

Dr Brian Klaas

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In Fluke, myth-shattering social scientist Dr Brian Klaas deep-dives into the phenomenon of randomness, unpicking our neat and tidy version of events to reveal a reality far wilder and more fascinating than we have dared to consider. The bewildering truth is that but for a few incidental changes, our lives – and our societies – would be radically different.

Offering an entirely new perspective, Fluke explores how our world really works, driven by strange interactions and random events. How much difference does our decision to hit the snooze button make? Did one couple’s holiday really change the course of the twentieth century? What are the smallest accidents that have tilted the course of history itself?

The mind-bending lessons of this phenomenon challenge our beliefs about the very workings of the world. From the evolution of human biology and natural disasters to the impact of global events on supply chain disruptions, every detail matters because of the web of connectivity that envelops us. So what if, by exploding our illusion of control, we can make better decisions and live happy, fulfilling lives?

Brian Klass

About the author:

Brian Klaas grew up in Minnesota, earned his DPhil at Oxford, and is now a professor of global politics at University College London. He is a contributing writer for The Atlantic, host of the award-winning Power Corrupts podcast, and frequent guest on television and The Today Programme on BBC Radio 4. Klaas has conducted field research across the globe and advised major politicians and organizations including NATO and the European Union.

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