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Frank Gardner
In conversation with Rebecca Fletcher

Frank Gardner is the BBC’s full-time Security Correspondent, reporting for television and radio on issues of domestic and international security.  A fluent Arabist, with a degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies, he was previously the BBC’s Middle East CorrespondentIn June 2004, while reporting in Riyadh, Frank and his cameraman, Simon Cumbers, were ambushed by Islamist gunmen.  Simon was killed outright, Frank was shot multiple times and left for dead. Against all expectations, he survived and, in 2006, published his acclaimed and bestselling memoir, Blood and Sand. Gardener’s unique insights into the worlds of espionage and counter-terrorism have inspired him to write a series of bestselling thrillers, Crisis, Ultimatum and Outbreak. He will be speaking about his life, his broadcasting career, his writing and will offer insights into current world issues drawing on his years of reporting on the world’s conflicts.

About the interviewer:

Rebecca Fletcher is an experienced literary chair and also resident host at The Yard Hampshire.  As a freelance writer, she has been commissioned to write for a wide range of publications.

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