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The Clockwork Conspiracy

Sam Sedgman

Sunday 21st April
The Arc, Jewry St, Winchester SO23 8SB
The Clockwork Conspiracy

In The Clockwork Conspiracy, aspiring inventor Isaac Turner hunts a trail of clues through London’s landmarks and uncovers a sinister plot in the gears of government.  In this interactive and educational event, Sedgman uncovers the incredible science behind time itself and explains how it inspired his thrilling mystery. Mixing science, technology, engineering and maths topics with a gripping, fast-paced adventure, Sedgman’s new series is an accessible, fun and friendly introduction to science for the next generation of inventors, whoever they may be.

Suggested age: 9+

Sam Sedgman

About the author:

Sam Sedgman is a bestselling author of mysteries for young readers.  His first novel The Highland Falcon Thief, won Children’s Fiction Book of the Year at the British Book Awards.

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