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Winchester Books Festival Whodunnit


About the event: Help solve the mysterious case of the murdered podcasting star and learn about forensic science. Assess the crime scene, gather the clues and process them in the lab.

Pip Tavender, renowned podcaster, is visiting the University of Winchester to talk about their latest podcast series – Cold Cases Defrosted. Exploring long unsolved murders, the series aims to bring justice to those long-forgotten victims. However, the visit did not go to plan. Pip is found dead, foul play indicated. We need to investigate the untimely death of this podcasting star. Can you help?

Event outline:

12:00 Gather at Stripe. The Stripe, Sparkford Road, Winchester S022 4NR
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All participants will gather on the Stripe Piazza to be greeted by the Dean of Faculty of Law, Crime and Justice – Bill Davies. Bill will walk the participants to the Crime Scene where they will be met by the Senior Investigating Officer (SIO)

12:05 Move to crime scene SIO will give them initial information about the scene and the body find.

12:30 Move to labs SIO escorts participants to the Forensic labs. Participants will undertake forensic examination of evidence under the guidance of a Crime Scene Officer and Forensic Expert.

12:55 Move to command centre SIO will meet participants in command centre and bring together evidence. Witness statements will be available. One live witness will be available to give a statement. Arrest is made.

13:10 Move to court Defence and prosecution will lay out case for sentencing. Participants will be asked to suggest a sentence. Sentencing will then take place.

13:45 End Finish up with summary.


  • Roles of Senior Investigating Officer, Crime Scene Officer/Forensic Expert, Judge and Court Usher played by staff members of the Law, Crime and Justice Faculty.
  • Roles of defence and prosecution counsel played by students of the Law, Crime and Justice Faculty.


  • Specially written and designed for the Winchester Book Festival by Natacha Harding, Head of Department of Policing, Criminology and Forensics at University of Winchester.

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