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Winchester’s Queens

Alison Weir

Throughout history, Queens have played a role in some of the most dramatic events in our history.  Crusading queens, rebel queens, learned queens, seductresses, fighting queens, these determined women often broke through the restrictions of their times to exercise power and influence, for good and for bad.

Bestselling historian Alison Weir will speak about some of our fascinating Medieval and Tudor Queens, and how Winchester played a part in their lives and actions.

Alison Weir Author

About the author:

DR ALISON WEIR is the top-selling female historian in the United Kingdom, and has sold over 3 million books worldwide. She has published twenty-one history books, including Eleanor of Aquitaine, The Lady in the Tower and Elizabeth of York, and thirteen historical novels. Her latest biography is Queens of the Crusades, and her latest novel is Henry VIII: The Heart and the Crown. For further information, please visit Alison’s websites at www.alisonweir.org.uk and www.alisonweirtours.com.

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